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Theatre of Opera and Ballet

Mongolian State Academic theatre of opera and ballet is the theatre which serve with both classical and national operas, ballets, and orchestral productions. We have collection of over 100 world classical and national operas and ballets. We are proud that we have many best classical and national including “Ewgenii Onegin”, “Lolanta’ by B.Tchaikovsky, “Chio Chio San”, “Tosca”, “Turandot”, “La Boheme” by Puccini, “Otello”, “Triviats”, “Trubadur”, “Rigoletto” by G.Verdi, “Carmen” by J.Bizet and “Tree dramatic characters” by B.Damdinsuren, “Khara Korum” by D.Luvsansharav, “Tears of a lama” by Kh.Bilegjargal, “The lost faith” by Ts.Natsagdorj, “Chinggis Khan” by B.Sharaw and ballets including “Don Quixote”, “Bayadere” by L.Minkus, “Esmeralda” by C.Pugni, “Coppelia” by L.Delibes, “The skilled Khas” by J.Chuluun, “Silver tassel”by E.Choidog, “Gems Mountain” by Z.Khangal, “Among hills of the sorrow” by J.Mend-Amar.

Program of gala concert with a composition of our professional solo singers, Chorus, ballet solo dancers and symphony orchestra musicians attracts audiences a lot. We have been cooperating with the artists of Russia, Italy, France, Korea, China, Japan, Germany and Australia in performing new works of art and exchanging artists. Classic art will guide you to the heavenly life.

Address: Sukhbaatar district, Sukhbaatar square-7
Tel/Fax: 976-11-323339
E-mail: [email protected]

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2 Responses for “Theatre of Opera and Ballet”

  1. khangai says:

    “Koppolia” gej bichdeggyi yum. Coppelia gej bichdeg.
    “Don Qixote” bish Don Quixote gej bichdeg. Medekhed ilyydekhgyi gejbodood bichij baina. Don Quixote Bayadere khoyoriin khugjimiin zokhiolch n P.I.Tchaikovsky bish L.Minkus.
    “Esmerelda” bish Esmeralda gej bichdeg yum aa. Bas khugjimiin zokhiolch Ts.Puni gej bichdegyi C.Pugni gej bichdeg.

  2. bagana says:

    tand bayarlalaa.

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