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Blue Pearl tourist camp

Blue pearl tourist camp

Our tourist camp has a capacity to receive in one shift 120 persons for service. There are available 25 dwelling felt gers with 3-4 beds equipped completely with furniture, decorated with the traditional national ornaments. A comfortable hotel with 8 rooms. There is a restaurant to serve 100 persons per shift.

Price: Standard Single $100.00
Area Attractions

In the thick taiga forest area of Khuvsgul land there live moving a small number of Mongolians called ‘Reindeer people’, bearing the language culture, art, customs and traditions, a shamanist religion, peculiar mode of life of their own through breeding reindeers. You may witness and find out the closest interrelationship between the nature and human-beings from the living of these reindeer people.


The tourist camp “Khukh suvd” of the given company is situated at the picturesque place called “Uvur Bunkhant” on the territory of Khatgal soum, of Khuvsgul aimag /province/ at a distance of 130km from Murun city and at 30km from Khatgal soum, from where the lake Khuvsgul is wide open for your eyes.

Address: Mongolia, P.O.Box-905 Ulaanbaatar-21
Telephone: 976-99117808, 91917899, 91918223, 99188223, Fax: 976-454944
Website: http://www.bluepearltour.com/
Email: [email protected]

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2 Responses for “Blue Pearl tourist camp”

  1. Wohlschlager says:

    I would like to make a trekking tour startpoint your camp with horses carrieng the lugaguage is something like this possible ?

  2. Wohlschlager says:

    A plan to stay in July in your Camp and tour around the lake ti visit nomand etc. any recommantions ??



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