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Tourist Information Center (TIC)

The Tourist Information Center or TIC, is an independent organization located in Ulaanbaatar, and is the first such effort of its kind in Mongolia. We can provide you with reliable information about Mongolian tourism organizations (hotels, restaurants, tourist camps, tour operators, shops selling national products and souvenirs, museums, air and railway ticket offices, currency exchange facilities, guides and transportation) and tell you about routes that take in Mongolian sites of scenic and historical interest. The Tourist Information Centers are located in the Central Post Office, at Chinggis Khaan Airport, and at the International Railway Station. While you are at the Tourist Information Center, you can check your e-mail, buy maps or take a City Tour with us. If you need advice on any aspect of your trip please email us with your inquiries.

TIC in the Central Post Office, Ulaanbaatar:
Weekdays: 9.00 am – 9.00 pm
Weekends: 9.00 am – 8.00 pm
Public Holidays: 9.00 am – 4.00 pm

TIC at Chinggis Khaan Airport, Ulaanbaatar: During all International arrivals flight

TIC at International Railway Station, Ulaanbaatar: During all International arrivals
Phone: +976 11 311409 Fax: +976 11 311421 E-mail: [email protected]

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6 Responses for “Tourist Information Center (TIC)”

  1. Patrick says:


    I am in Los Angeles, CA USA. I want to visit Mongolia next summer. I will fly to Beijing. Take a train to Mongolia. I will take a train back to Beijing.

    Can you share information on the visa that I will need?

    Thank you,

  2. amaraa says:

    US citizens no need visa upto 30 days of stay in Mongolia

  3. Ari says:

    Hi Patrick!
    you do not need visa for Mongolia,but need one for China and taking train to Ulaanbaatar is not so comfortable.I do not think, you’ll be able to order the train tickets from here and they were not easy to get in Beijin for me and my family 2006,we had to call a friend,who asked her friend in Beijin and so on.Than the train was slow,dusty,stinky and the view was same dusty fields in China and yellow fields in Mongolia and nothing else to do!When i was student ,I took train berween Moscow and Ulaanbaatar,5 days trip,but it was not so terrible!I think,you’ll be better off staying couple days in Beijin and flying!
    Best wishes

  4. Tom Allen says:

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    Wherever you are: Save money and be safe when abroad!

  5. Andrew Bang says:

    If you’re stuck in Mongolia it’s very likely they won’t speak yours. There is a way to travel anywhere and never having a language barrier again. I travel to China alot, but for pleasure so cant afford a translator when I’m there. I use a phone service, just pass the phone and they take care of everything for me. It’d do wonders in Mongolia mate!

    just check their site i’ve included it as a link here:

  6. Hello there. I’d like to know if you have an RSS Feed so I can subscribe to it. I really cherished your write and I would prefer to sustain up to date. Stay up the skilled efforts and thank you in advance.

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