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Huvsgul aimag

Huvsgul aimagKhuvsgul province is located in Huvsgul region of Hangai-Hentii region. This province borders with Russia on the north, Zavhan, Bulgan and Arhangai province on the west, east and south. The Peak of Delgerhaan Mountain lies 3490m above sea level. Overall area of the province is mountainous and is 1500 to 3000m above sea level.
Area: 100.600km2
Population: 121.700 thousand
Province center: Murun town (779km from Ulaanbaatar city)

It is the place of natural beauties with snow-capped high mountains, deep blue lakes, taiga and vast river valleys. There are 700 rivers, springs, spas, 400 lakes, ponds and salt marshes and 50 hot and cold mineral spas. The Huvsgul Lake is the freshest lake in the world and ranks 10 in Asia and second in Mongolia by its size. 36.5km in width, 136km and 262m in length, it ranks second in central Asia by its depth. There are 42 tourist camps, 14 small camps and 16 resorts. It is a favorable environment for numerous flora and fauna to inhabit since it has many mountains, forests and rivers. There are 30 kinds of mammals, 200 kinds of birds, and 10 kinds of fish in the province area. Fish in rivers and lakes include Siberian salmons, ruffs and perches and there are scarce animals such as reindeers, moose, mountain sheep, wild sheep, mountain goats, otters, sables, martens, bears, deer and musk deer.

Cave paintings and deer monuments of the Stone and the Bronze Ages that show human inhabitance in the land of this province in ancient times can be found elsewhere. For instance, you may see 2-3m high deer stone, 3-4m high tombs, ruins of Munh Khaan’s palace and monuments for Kul Bilge Khaan in Uushgi uvur, Burentogtoh soum, stone figures, the Arig River and its monument in homeland of Alungoo, the highest grandmother in Chinggis’s golden family, ruins of the capital of Hubilai Haan in Tsagaan-Uur and Chandmani soums, dirt wall of Erchim, castle and wall of Chingunjav, legendary cave of Dayan Deerh of ancient shamanism, 100 beautiful deer stones, Suhbaatar ship sailing in the Huvsgul lake, Horidol Saridag natural preserve, mongolized reindeer people of Tuva and stupa of famous Gelenhuu.

There are hotels called Dul, Gobi, Juulchin, Delgermurun, Ider, Hangarid, Tamir and Javhlan. Among these hotels, Dul, Gobi and Juulchin are the biggest ones. Restaurants include Dul, Gobi, Juulchin, Ider, Jargalan and Chinggis.

There are 3 supermarkets, 50 stores in Murun town. Branches of Khaan, Xac, Zoos, Capital, Golomt, Post bank and Savings bank operate and here visa and master cards can be used. Moneygram, a money transfer service, transfers your money in 5 minutes within towns and 1 hour within countries.

Press and media outlets in the province include Mongolian National Broadcast television, UBS, MN25, TV9, TV5, Mongolian radio, 5 local FM radios, free local presses “Dalai eej’ and “Erh chuluu”. You can have access to high-speed Internet at the Internet café in Mongolian Telecommunications office. Here mobiles and phones of Mongolian telecommunications, Mobicom, Skytel and Unitel can be used.

You are most welcomed to have the opportunity of joining friendly and powerful staff with the purpose of bringing the international standards into civic aviation services based on adjustments and improvements.

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