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Tuesday July 27th 2010


Post Office

The History of Mongolian communication is started 13th century. In 1234, the Mongol Empire of Chinggis Khaan set up the world’s first long-distance postal transmission system, known as “Morin urtuu” (Horse relay station). Morin urtuu continued until 1900’s. Mongolia joined the World Post Organization in 1963. The Postal Law of Mongolia was approved by the Parliament of Mongolia in May, 2003.

The Central Post office in Ulaanbaatar is however refurbished. The Central Post office is located on the south-west of Sukhbaatar square. Stamps and post cards are available till late hours. Postal Counter Hall is the place to post mail and check the mail box. Also there is International Express Mail Service (EMS) that you can send or receive international express mail. The post office officially open from 7.30 am to 9 pm weekdays and from 9 am to 8 pm weekends, some of services are not available on Sunday. International calls can be made from here.  Also you can get international call cards from most of the shops.

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  1. zaya says:

    Hi, mongol shuudangiin website baidaggui yum u? mongoloos EMS eer hong kongruu yum yvuulsan yaj online naar harah yum bol ter tracking nomberiig ni?

  2. sb says:

    mongol shuudangiin web site ni tuv shuudangiin utas ni 330788 yum bn.

  3. unuruu says:

    Manai mongol ulsiin ZIP code.g meddeg hun bval tuslaach.Net.r burtgel hiilgehed shaardagdaad bna

  4. suvi says:

    what is mongolian zipcode? oh my god……….

  5. oyun says:

    mgl-iin zip code post code medex xun bna uu? bur galzuurax nee

  6. Baagii says:

    zip code;00976

  7. haha says:

    hey humuusee mongoliin postal/ZIP code chn 210646 shtee okii

  8. Ganaa says:

    Mongoliin zip code-iig deerees avaachee. Nudee neetsgeegeech eeee. Enjoy

  9. Bathuu says:

    postal code: 210*** gej bh yostoi harin zipcode oo deerees hardaa.

  10. Shinee says:

    Zip code ni 976 biz de?

  11. enkhee says:

    ta uuriinhuu amidardag gazriin busiin zip code-iig site deerees haraarai. Hervee ta tuv shuudand hairtsagtai bol Ulaanbaatar 15160 shuu. Humuusee zipcode-oo hereglej suriya. 976-chini utsaar mongol puu yarihad heregledeg code shuu dee

  12. M&M says:

    I learned a lot from it

  13. nandia says:

    hi mongoliintov shuudangiin hayagiig heleed ogooch
    zuvhun shuudangii hayag
    yaj gadaadaas mongolruu ym yavuulah ve? tuslaach
    zuvhun shuudangaar yavuulah heregtei bn

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