Guru Tourist Camp

Guru Tourist Camp

Guru campGuru travel LLC estallished in 2004, is a new tourist camp which consists of traditional style ger accommodations and tourist standard services. The camp is situated in a beautiful area Bumbat surrounded by forest mountains, uniquely formed granite rocks and wide open valley.

Price: Ger 3 Beds  $32.00 Ger 4 Beds  $35.00


- Restaurant with up to 60 seats at one time.
- 30 traditional gers sor up to 10 visitors (3-4 beds in a ger )
- 6 Clean WC
- 6 showers
- Artisian well water
- Permanent 220V electric power
- Information ger (TV, VCD, DVD)

Area Attractions

- Turtle rock, ger rock, cave rock, (natural creations 4-10 km)
- Gunji temple is located Baruunbayan, about 60km-s north of the tourist camp Guru. The temple built in XVIII century. The temple was dedicated to VI princess of Enkh – Amgalan khaan.
- Inscription of Tonunkuk, Turkish man stone & inscriptions which belong to Turkish period, are located in Eastern Bogd khaan mountain range.
- Gorkhi Terelj national park. It is located between the valley of Terelj & Tuul rivers. National park is rich resource of crystal, granite mountain, shafed therearet. There are many amazimg natural rock creations. Numbers of graves & burials and rock paintings which belong to Hunnu, Bronze & iron age.
- Aryabal meditation temple. Wonks meditate in this temple, located about 5 km from our camp.


You drive 65 kms on the paved road from UB to the ger camp.

Address: Building Bridge group 506, Enkhtaiwan avenue-51, Ulaanbaatar, MN,
Telephone: 99263867, 91153534, Fax: 976- 11- 463251
Email: nomadic urtuu@ majicnet. mn

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