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Saturday June 12th 2010


Visa Requirements

Any foreign visitor wishing to enter Mongolia must have a valid passport and visa. Mongolian visas are issued by Mongolian Diplomatic Missions abroad or upon arrival at a special request. Mongolia Embassy and Honored Consul in foreign countries will issue a visa. If there is not any Embassy Consular Office and also Honored Consul in your country (or country, where you are available to apply) you can get a visa at the immigration office of Mongolian border. In this case, you have to inform us at least one week before your arrival. We will fix official documents and also visa request letter to the Border Immigration Office. If Embassy Consuls and Honored Consul request an invitation letter for a visa we will provide with it. Citizens of below mentioned countries visit to Mongolia without a visa:

-United States of America
-Great Britain
-Hong Kong /up to 14 days visit/
-Singapore /up to 14 days visit/
-Philippines /up to 21 days visit/

For all information related to consular matters (visas, citizenship, etc), please contact in person by telephone or E-mail the nearest diplomatic or consular mission of Mongolia. (Mongolian diplomatic and consular missions abroad)

Necessary Documents for Visa

The following materials are required to obtain Mongolian Visa:
1. Valid passport
2. One passport sized photo
3. Application form
4. Sponsor Letter from confident authority, unless otherwise stipulated in bilateral agreements, as follows:

-For official delegation – Either an invitation of the receiving body
(state, government, non-governmental organization, business entity)
or an official request in written by the sending government or local authorities.
-For tourists those staying over 30 days up to 90 days, visa clearance from the Aliens and Naturalization Office of Mongolia .
-For private guest – a personal invitation of a Mongolian national, attested by the Aliens and Naturalization Office of Mongolia,
and visa applicant’s written statement concerning his/her financial credibility to cover his/her stay in Mongolia.
-For transit passengers – onward ticket and visa for next destination country.
-For business delegation – invitation letter of Mongolian business entities or letter of request of sending legal entity
(this point is not applicable for those states national with whom Mongolia has bilateral visa agreements).
5. AIDS test required for students and anyone staying longer than 3 months.

The visa issuing rules have been eased since 1997. Practically a 30-days tourist visa can be obtained from any Mongolian Embassy abroad (see the list) within 24 hours for approximately US$ 40.00. Additional fees are charged for urgent visa.

Alternatively, those who travel from countries with no Mongolian mission present, can get visa either from the Mongolian Embassy in Beijing or Moscow, or at the arrival points: Chinggis Khaan International Airport in Ulaanbaatar, Dzamyn-Uud Railway Station on southern border or Sukhbaatar Railway station on the northern border.

Visitors staying longer than 30 days are required to apply for registration with the Office of Immigration, Naturalization and Foreign Citizens.

Visitors planning to stay for more than 180 days should obtain a long-term residence permission. Please beware that procrastination with visa extension may result in several visits to the Ministry of External Relations and up to $5.00 fine for each day after visa has expired.

Visitors are also advised to obtain proper transit visa from China or Russia. There were cases when foreigners who failed to secure two-time transit visa were denied entrance to these countries on their way back home from Mongolia.

NOTE: USA citizens can travel now to Mongolia without visa and Visa Fees, as a respective agreement was signed in 2001.

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  1. snoussi adnane says:

    hi i am a mroccon citizen i would laike to visite your country full of history but we don t have embassy here where and haw can i get visa

  2. snoussi adnane says:

    i plane for travling there at jun 2009 i hope to recive informatione about visa and living there in mongolie

  3. llee says:

    some people told me visa required to Ulaanbaatar for British Passport (UK) holder , but your website said visa not required , can you double confirm and advise .
    By the way , do you know there’s a Mongonia visa/representative counter at Beijing airport (inside/outside arrival area)?
    Can get the visa from Beijing airport ?
    wait for your earliest reply ,plan to go around 21Nov08
    Thanks for your help

  4. Yes, you can have visa at the airport. Chinese and Koreans can’t. But you might need to demonstrate that you have clear purpose of visit and proof of it and that will be fine.

    If needs help let us know.

  5. utami says:

    Hi, can I enter Mongolia with Chinese Visa. Or if it is not possible, can I get the visa in Beijing airport. I am from Switzerland but now stay in Indonesia for holiday.

    tks for help

  6. SueB says:

    Outer Mongolia is an independent country for which you need a visa to enter. You can get one at the Mongolian Embassy in Beijing. (On the other hand, so-called Inner Mongolia is inside the PRC.)

  7. Lindsay Welsh says:

    Hello i have boht argentenean and british passport as well, theres no embassy n/or consulate here in Argentina, can un please give me the email so i can notify in advance ill be tramiting my visa in the border of Mongolia personally
    is there any other thing i should be aware of?

    thanks a lot

  8. Mike says:

    Visit us , Contact as!!!
    +976 11-88116708 please call.

  9. Mark says:

    Good Morning,

    I would like to know what the present need is for English Teachers in Outer Mongolia.

    Thank You,


  10. This is a great post, I favorited your blog and added your feed.

  11. dating says:

    Very intresting Post thank you very much

  12. Torben Friis says:

    I an from Denmark ,and plans to go by train to Ullanbaatar just to see your contry , I live in Mexico , no consulate here , can I get a visa at the border ? Thanks .

  13. Torben Friis says:

    From Denmark will come from China by train to Ulaanbaatar , I live in Mexico you have no consul here , can I get a visa at the border ?

  14. Marcus Wong says:

    I would like to check if Malaysian do need a VISA for visiting Mongolia (Outer) as a tourist stay up to 30 days?

  15. PLY says:

    No, Malaysian do not need any visa to enter mongolia for 30days.

  16. Roderick Schlimmer says:

    Im currently in Beijing.
    I have not booked any tours in Beijing, but I have booked my stay at a guesthouse. I asked many operaters, including my guesthouse to send me a invitational letter. None have responded thusfar. And I am getting a bit anxious since my train will be leaving in 3 days time..
    Please tell me what I should do in order to obtain my Visa.

  17. cristina madrigal says:

    we are a small group of diferent nations that are going to take a trip in the transiberian.
    Mexicans, Brazilian and Ukranian, pls inform if we can have the visa at the border in the train station due to in ou countries there in representative Mongolian office.


  18. marko vorih says:


    I need your help, I can not get visa in my country (Croatia, former Yugoslavia), i will be going on TransMongolian train Moscow Beijing and I only need Transit visa, tell me can I get one on the border ?

    Thank You

  19. Australian says:


    I am coming to Mongolia for a 10 vacation in 2 weeks time. I am unable to get a Visa processed by an Embassy due to where I live. Most websites say I can apply for a Visa upon urgent request at Ulaanbatar airport. If I have all the necessary documentation for the Visa, will there be any problems with getting a Visa done upon arrival?

    This page says:
    “you can get a visa at the immigration office of Mongolian border. In this case, you have to inform us at least one week before your arrival. We will fix official documents and also visa request letter to the Border Immigration Office.”

    Does this mean to inform you (welcome2mongolia) or the Mongolia Border Immigration Office?

    cheers for any help!

  20. boloroo says:

    hello, i wanna invite my friend from iran but they dont have mongolian embaasy and how can i sent invitation to my friend from mongolia. Which kind of process i have to do?

    Thank you.

  21. alex says:

    hello, i wanna go back to my mongolia, but i could not go to. because i am citizen of USA few yaers ago. before i was citizen of mongolia. so what should i do now?

  22. judy says:

    I need to go to Mongolia to get a new Chinese z visa. Is it possible to do it in a few days and can I get there by train from Datong to the capital-am a US citizen.How much would this possibly cost?

  23. mireille says:

    we are a family of 4, living in shanghai. My husband has a british passport, my 2 daughters an american one and I have a french one. I understood that american don’t need a visa but what’s about british and french citizens? Furthermore, living in Shanghai, it is very difficult for me to go to the mongolian embassy in Beijing? How can I get the visas from here? Can I get them at Ulan baatar when we arrived? Thanks for your help

  24. Ganaa says:

    Hello Alex. you may travel to Mongolia whitout a visa. welcome to Mongolia and enjoy mongolia
    you can call me anytime
    my phone :99191139

  25. MARIANELLA says:

    i want to visit inner mongolia right now im in beijing china so i know inner mongolia is part of the china so my question is i have a one entry visa to china so i cant go out of china i will not have any problem going to inner mongolia right? well i will really appreciate your help thank you

  26. Sani Rilwanu says:

    PLs how can i get a visa to Mongolia since we don’t have an embassy here in Nigeria west Africa.I have all the required papers as a citizen of my country.My email address is [email protected]

  27. I would like to see your country, we dont have any mongolia embassy, how we can get visa.

    Engineer M.Mashal
    Kabul Afghanistan
    0093 799330021

  28. kotun surajudeen ola says:

    i am a nigerian that will like to visit your country for 3 weeks how can i process your country visa?

  29. Herman Demeyer says:

    hello for tourist visa contact to tour company’s.

  30. Herman Demeyer says:

    Hello,Inner Mongolia is part of China.

  31. jap mie lin says:

    hi, i am from indonesia. plan to go to mongolia from beijing end of january 2010. do i need visa to enter mongolia ?

  32. Maruja Cubillos says:

    How to obtain visa to Mongolia for Chilean people.?
    It´s possible to get at arrival in the airport ?, because we have not embassy in our country (Chili)

    thanks in advance

  33. Shinee says:

    Hello all, I renting an apartment in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. if you have need apartment, please visit my web site, Thanks

  34. mukhtar says:

    hi i am an afghan and want to tour to mongolia,can i have an embassy adress in kabul or other near country???//
    0093 793374127

  35. felix says:

    How is it possible to get an invitation to visit if I don’t know anybody? What if I just want to come visit, see the sites, etc.?

  36. hello, I am Archaeology phd student in malaysia but i am from iran and i have plan to visit mongolia, because i like to know culture of mongolian but i don’t now Which kind of process i have to do?

  37. mery says:

    hi, i need your help, my bos plans to visit mongolia for about 10 days on business trip. we are Indonesian and we’ve been informed by the travel agent that the visa can’t be done in indonesia, my bos must go to Singapore to get a white card to be stamped and visit the mongolian consulate there. the worst part is that it will take about 3 days to get the visa done. can we get another ways to make the visa?do we really have to visit singapore or we can just apply through e-mail and then go to singapore only to get the stamp?we just need everything to be more effectively done either the time or the money. need your advice soon because my boss will be leaving Indonesia on May 28th 2010.

    thanks alot

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