Steppe nomads Camp

Steppe nomads Camp

Steppe nomads ger camp“Steppe Nomads” tourist camp in the amazing Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve that is on the borders of steppes and forest steppes zones of Mongolia. It’s 130km in the south east from Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, on the right shore of the River Kherlen.

Price: Standard Single  $100.00

Steppe nomads camp

Area Attractions

-Watching Argali wild sheep
-Horse /camel/ yak riding
-Rare birds watching
-Ox/camel and horse cart travel
-Binoculars /telescope
-Gas stove
-Kitchen utensils


Steppe Nomads camp in the Gun- Galuut Nature Reserve is 130km from Ulaanbaatar in the east, on the banks of the River Kherlen. The camp is only 2 hour drive from the capital city (113km on good paved road, 17km on dirt road).

Address:, Ulaanbaatar-38
Telephone: 976-11-333499, 976-91913498, Fax: 976-11333499
Email: [email protected]

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    Hey ta ene campuudiinhaa web iin url iig shalgaachee. buun aldaa baina. Jishee ni ene deer darhaar : ruu usreed aldaa zaaagaad baishdaa. Buh url aa shalgaval deer baihiin

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    URL uudaa shlag buruu bna

  3. 3 Tsooj

    FROM 27th of February to 2nd of March
    4 days/ Group size 4 pax 650$ per person/

    About that days:
    Thickness of the ice in February: 200-250 cm
    Average daily temperature in February -10-15°C
    Average temperature at night: -25°C

    This is the best way to see the winter Lake Khovsgol.
    The ice festival is held annually after Tsagaan Sar (The Mongolian new year according by lunar calendar) some time in February somewhere along the western shores of Lake Khovsgol. From May to November, the lake is normally a magnificent mass of water, majestically stretching 134 kms from the Russian border down to Khatgal and 40 kms at its widest part. To experience it as a sheer plate of ice is stunning and remarkable….. not to mention slightly eerie at times! The festival is attended mostly by Mongolians who live in the area to break the monotony of winter. There is a constant array of colourful deels (local costume), excited faces, and greeting styles that have been practiced and passed down the generations in Mongolia for centuries. Ice sumo, horse sledge racing, ice skating and driving competitions are all part of this colourful event.

    How to see this Festival.
    Day 1.
    We will pick you up at your accommodation in UB for our flight to Murun, capital of Khovsgol province. From the airport, we drive the 3 hours to Khatgal, the gateway to Khovsgol National Park at the southern end of the lake with the same name. In Hatgal, we stay at ger camp near the lake
    DAY 2.
    In the morning, we have some time to visit Khatgal. To get to the festival we will need to drive on the frozen expanse of the lake.We will spend all day at the festival, watching the ice sumo, horse sledge racing, ice skating and driving competitions.
    We will spend the whole day at the festival.If it’s cold our horse guides winter gers very close tothe Festival about 500 or 700 metres walk or drive. Overnight at Ger Camp.
    Day 3
    We do some horse sledge with horseman.Visitsome Darhad family.Do some interesting things.
    Day 4
    Drive back to Murun for our flight back to UB.Drive toHotel or guest houses.

    Minimum pax:4
    Price: 650 USD 1 person

    Included:Park fees,Transport,Winter Ger Camp stay,Guide,Meals at the Camp.Domestic Plane tickets,
    Not included:
    Personal expenses.

    Please contact us here for more details. This trip can run with only one client.

    Additional services and extension options
    We can of course pick you up at the airport or railway station and book your accommodation in UB for you, be it a small guest house or a four star hotel. We can also offer you a programme in UB.

    If you would like to stay longer in Mongolia, we can recommend a short trip to the Gobi or a few nights in a ger in Terelj national park with its amazing rock formations.

    Please contact us here for more information.
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  4. 4 William

    Accomodation in Khovsgol you can find easily.
    When you arrive look addresses and choice.I have done horsetrips for 5 days.I choiced Bonda Lake ger camp.
    Possible stay in ger and rooms.
    Need to tell to everyone who comes soon to Khovsgol.
    Lonely planet always gives you old informations!!
    I wanted to take public car to Khatgal for 5000!!But I couldn’t find it!!I spent 1 hour to find with that price!!By lonely planet guide!!!All old informations!!!
    Hey writers from lonely planet!! give real informations please!!

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