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Saturday March 5th 2011


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Cashmere choosing advice

Cashmere garments and home textile furnishings are long term investments. Besides being soft, warm, light and beautiful, cashmere garments don't wrinkle and are easily wearable. Whether you travel, go from work directly to social occasions, or lead an active lifestyle, your cashmere garments will always look good and keep you comfortable without [...]


Shilmel Zagvar Golomt town. Enkhtaivan Ave. 32-A Ulaanbaatar-24 331612 331611 Fashion show, museum, bountique, saloon, shop "Soyolmaa" Bountique Sulhbaatar district, Jamiyagyn street 10.00-20.00 331165 99792880 [email protected] (more...)

Packing for Mongolia Trip

Packing for Mongolia Trip

Mongolia is a country of extreme weather conditions. Depending on the time of year you go you should pack accordingly. For summer, it is rather hot, the evenings can get cool especially in the Gobi and mountains. We would recommend traveling as light as possible and using a good backpack. But you can buy everything you need in Mongolia's [...]