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Monday March 14th 2011


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Folk Songs

Mongolian music is a reaction to their surroundings and life. Caring for a baby provokes melody. Seeing a calf being rejected, its mother is convinced to return by singing. Seeing white gers spread across the green pasture inspires a proud melody. Traveling a long way on horseback, riding sets a pace, the pace delivers rhyme, and here again the [...]

Theatre of Opera and Ballet

Mongolian State Academic theatre of opera and ballet is the theatre which serve with both classical and national operas, ballets, and orchestral productions. We have collection of over 100 world classical and national operas and ballets.  We are proud that we have many best classical and national including “Ewgenii Onegin”, “Lolanta’ by [...]

The State Philharmonic

The State Philharmonic was established on June 5, 1957. It was one of the most important events in the spiritual life of the Mongols. Over 40 years the Philharmonic has played many works by famous western, as well as Mongolian composers. Its proudest monument was the playing of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, conducted by Ts.Namsraijav in 1980, which [...]

Long song or Urtiin duu of Mongolia

Long song or Urtiin duu of Mongolia

Urtiin duu, or 'long song' is known as a unique traditional singing style. It's one of the oldest genres of Mongolian musical art, dating back to the 13th century. Urtiin duu involves extraordinarily complicated, drawn-out vocal sounds. It is evocative of vast, wide spaces and it demands great skill and talent from the singers in their breathing [...]

Bars and Pubs in Mongolia

Bars and Pubs in Mongolia

Bars and pubs with comfortable outdoor seating on warm summer evenings offer a variety of local and international drinks. Khan Broy Pub Genghis Khan's Avenue, Brews its own beer, its great place to listen Friday evening live band music Tel: 324064 Open: 10a.m to midnight Chinggis Beer Club Sukhbaatar street -10 Brews its own Chinggis [...]