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Otgontenger Mountain

Otgontenger Mountain

Otgontenger Mountain, the highest peak of the Khangai mountain range, is situated in Otgon and Aldarkhaan soums of Zavkhan aimag. Historically, this mountain was initially protected in 1818. This area represents the natural complexity of the Khangai mountain range and is a home to rare and very rare wildlife and bio-diversity.

Khuisyn Naiman Lakes

Khuisyn Naiman Lakes
The area covers 11,500 hectares around the lake located in the Uyanga soum territory of Ovorkhangai aimag to the southwest of the Khangai mountain range and its surrounding area. It was placed under state special protection, and was included in the category “Cultural and Historical Sites”. Khuisyn Naiman Nuur PA with its exceptional configuration is surrounded by the beautiful nature of the middle part of the Khangai mountain range. Also, it is a valuable monument for geological and water studies. These lakes with fresh water and interconnected by ground water channels such as Shireet, Khaliut, Bugat, Khaya, Khuis, Onon, Doroo, Bayan-Uul, are called Khuisyn Naiman Nuur (Khuisyn Eight Lakes).

Mongolian Lakes

Mongolian Lakes

Lakes are one of the important geographical elements of Mongolia.

The mineral and chemical mixture of Mongolia’s lakes mainly depend on geological formation of surface and underground water and physical and geographical conditions of drainage areas.

The mineral and the chemical compound of lakes are de­termined by the lakes and salt bal­ance, water exchange and outside low. Readmore…


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