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Monday February 28th 2011


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Ger Furniture

The furniture in a ger is made to be not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Many a ger will contain furniture painted bright shades of orange, blue, pink and white and will usually stand out inside the ger. The space inside a ger is usually quite limited, and this lack of space limits the size of most of the furniture.Most visitors [...]

Yurt-Ger Structure

The oldest complete yurt yet discovered was found in a 13th century grave in the Khentei Mountains. The majority of Mongolian people are still living in yurts. Piano Carpini, an Italian missioner wrote 7 centuries ago that “The Mongols build giant tents; once a red tent accommodated 2000 people”. The Mongolian yurt consists of two main parts: [...]

Hun’s Yurt

According to scientists, Yurt has an origin when nomadic and hunter tribes separated from each others. By the end of 19th century almost 100 ethnic were using Yurt around the world. Some of them still use Yurt even today. They are some republics of former Soviet Union such as Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Khalimag, Tuva, [...]

Yurt History

Yurt is one type of the human housing. Scientists consider that separation between nomadic herder tribes and hunter tribes was the main reason of the origin of Yurt. Most scientists who made studies on yurt hardly tried to reveal differences and similarities of demands of use yurt, traditional features of people who lived in yurt, their relations [...]

Assembling Ger-Yurt

It is important to select a good site that has good, dry soil. The surface of the ground must be even. Before the floor is laid the soil must be shoveled in order to loosen and even it out. Mongolians always put up their yurts with the door facing south. By doing this they can use the roof ring, along with the sun to effectively tell [...]

Accommodation in Mongolia

The standards of accommodation vary widely between Ulaanbaatar and the countryside. There are now a large number of hotels, guest house and dormitories within the capital. Hotel Most places cost at least US$40 per single room. Most hotels (zochid buudal) have three types of rooms: a 'deluxe' (buten lyuks) room, which includes a separate sitting [...]