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Sunday April 10th 2011


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Dalai Eej Tour camp

Within Mongolia, the region is well-known for its natural beauty, and Lake Khövsgöl is one of the countries major tourist attractions. The largest forest areas of Mongolia are located around and to the north of the lake, extending the south-siberian Taiga. “Dalai eej – Mother sea” tourist camp is located over 828 km from [...]

Guru Tourist Camp

Guru Tourist Camp

Guru travel LLC estallished in 2004, is a new tourist camp which consists of traditional style ger accommodations and tourist standard services. The camp is situated in a beautiful area Bumbat surrounded by forest mountains, uniquely formed granite rocks and wide open valley. Price: Ger 3 Beds  $32.00 Ger 4 Beds  $35.00 (more...)

Terelj Bumban Tour Camp

Terelj Bumban Tour Camp

Terelj-Bumban tour campOur tourist camp has 30 fully furnished ger accommodations for 100 tourists in total and it's restaurant can serve up to 80-100 people at once. Kitchen provides western and Asian style and Mongolian meals according to your preference. And we also have ger bars and karaoke rooms, serving 40 people, with meeting facilities. [...]

Bogd Khan Mountain and Manzushir Monastery

Bogd National Park Distance: 46 kilometers Duration: 40 minutes by jeep, 1 hour by bus Accommodation: Undurdov Ger camp-15 kilometers, Manzshir ger camp in the same area. Activities: Hiking, horse riding, climbing One of the two most popular day trip destinations outside of Ulaanbaatar is Mt.Bogd National Park. Lying to the south of [...]

Ger Furniture

The furniture in a ger is made to be not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Many a ger will contain furniture painted bright shades of orange, blue, pink and white and will usually stand out inside the ger. The space inside a ger is usually quite limited, and this lack of space limits the size of most of the furniture.Most visitors [...]

Yurt-Ger Structure

The oldest complete yurt yet discovered was found in a 13th century grave in the Khentei Mountains. The majority of Mongolian people are still living in yurts. Piano Carpini, an Italian missioner wrote 7 centuries ago that “The Mongols build giant tents; once a red tent accommodated 2000 people”. The Mongolian yurt consists of two main parts: [...]