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Genghis as a Great Khan

The most iconic of all Mongolians, grand khan  Genghis (or Chinggis in Mongolian) was the great Mongolian leader and warrior. Born in 1162, Genghis, through sheer will, united the diverse Mongol tribes and established the Great Mongol State. His empire was one of the largest the world had ever seen. His political leadership was forward-thinking [...]

Chinggis Khaan Hotel

Chinggis Khaan Hotel

The Chinggis Khaan Hotel Complex Co.Ltd has started its activity in 1995 and it is first and the only hotel in Mongolia that designed to meet International Standards of hotel. Our hotel offers 152 comfortable rooms, 40 spacious suites and 2 Presidential suites for your pleasure. Chinggis Khaan Hotel is distinguished by the following services and [...]

Mongol Empire

In 1206, the year of the Tiger, Temujin managed to unite the Merkits, Naimans, Mongols, Uighurs, Keraits, Tatars and disparate other smaller tribes under his rule through his charisma, dedication, and strong will. An Ikh Khurildai (Great Council) was announced near the Onon River, by proudly raising the state flag. The central state was officially [...]

Military Organization and The Thousandth System

Genghis Khan organized his army in divisions of tens. This system already existed between nomadic tribes at that time; one of ten leads others, ten tens were subject to the chief of a hundred, ten hundreds to the chief of a thousand, and ten thousands to the chief of ten thousand respectively. Strict discipline was enforced. If a head of ten [...]

Top Destinations

Top Destinations

The attraction and activities for tourists in Mongolia relate to the natural environment, historic features and cultural heritage. Also Mongolians have been nomad pastoralists since ancient times. Mongolia is one of the few countries with a unique and reasonably untouched natural environment, thanks to an environmentally protective culture and [...]

Mongolian Script

Mongolian Script

One of the main reforms of Genghis Khan was the creation of Mongol Script. This script was based on the Uigur script and was made the official script of the State. In 1204, after defeating Naiman aimag and capturing its minister and scholar Tatatunga, Genghis asked him to teach his sons to write Mongol words in Uigur script. This was the [...]

Birthland of Genghis Khan tour

Discovery of the Birthplace of Chinggis Khaan and the Cradle of Mongol Empire, the actual places noted in the Secret History of the Mongols and heartland of the Borjigin Dynasty rulers. (more...)