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Sunday March 13th 2011


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Milk Products

Milk Products

Aaruul - Dried curds are made from yoghurt whose liquid part is squeezed out and pressed to make a solid shape. After that, the solid is cut into small, big, thick or thin squares or clutched with hands to make various shapes. Finally, they are put on a wooden plate in the sun to get dried. Also, the solid can be put in a big ladle with small [...]

Mongolian Cashmere

Mongolian Cashmere

Nomadic herdsmen still form the majority of the population in Mongolia, and their way of life has changed little in centuries. Harvesting cashmere and other rare fibers from their herds is the main source of cash income for rural Mongolian people. Cashmere, the downy undercoat of goats, derives its name from the Kashmiri region of India, high in [...]

Mongolian computer provider, One Laptop Per Child, may switch to windows operating system

{mosimage}The One Laptop Per Child project, which currently provides Mongolian children with laptop computers, may switch from Linux to a Windows XP operating system. (more...)

Dictionary published to aid in understanding “Secret History of the Mongols”

{mosimage}A dictionary has been published defining words used in the 13th century text, "Secret History of the Mongols."  "Secret History of the Mongols," is an ancient text recording a 500 year history of Mongolia and its various ethnic groups. (more...)

Ulaanbaatar Will Have New Airport by 2015

{mosimage}ULAANBAATAR will have a new international airport by 2015. This will be built with Japanese assistance in Khoshigt valley in Tov aimag, at a place close to Zuunmod, the aimag center, which is about 54 kilometers from the capital. (more...)

Ancient Mongolian documents being digitized as means of preserving the past

{mosimage}Modern technology is coming to the rescue of thousands of pages of historic Mongolian documents. Mongolia’s National Archives and the Gandan Tegchenling Monastery are being assisted by UNESCO in digitizing their collections to guarantee their being preserved as well as distributed to wider audiences. (more...)

Three story portrait of Genghis Khan to be hung in Ulaanbaatar’s international airport

{mosimage}A nearly three-story high portrait of Genghis Khan, a present from Taiwan, will be permanently displayed at Ulaanbaatur’s international airport. Made of 430,000 crystal mosaic tiles, the portrait has been paid for by several Rotary Club members from Taipei. (more...)

Economic and Social Situation of Mongolia in January

{mosimage}In the January of 2008, total revenue and grants of General Government budget amounted to 175.4 bln.togrogs and total expenditure and net lending 137.0 bln.togrogs. The General government budget overall balance was a surplus 38.4 bln.togrogs. (more...)

Mongolia facing huge increase, possibly as high as 35%, in cereal

Mongolia, among other nations, may see a 35 percent rise in the cost of wheat-based cereal prices during the upcoming year. For the second year cereal, used as a staple in the diets of most countries, will see a large price hike attributed to a demand which is higher than the available world supply and increased costs of transporting the crop to [...]

Officials Honor Elders During Tsagaan Sar Celebrations

{mosimage}Mongolia celebrated the lunar new year holiday, Tsagaan Sar or White Moon, nationwide on February 8, the day when Mongolians visit the eldest of the family to greet and pay honor, and see the first sun of the year. (more...)

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