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Saturday June 19th 2010


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Fashion Shows

Fashion Shows

There are a number of fashion shows that take place in Ulaanbaatar throughout the year. The biggest and most well know is Goyol which takes place in December over a whole weekend at the Cultural Palace. It showcases the best of Mongolian and international designers and models and normally sets the trend for the coming year’s look. Tickets for [...]

Mongolian Huushuur Recipe

With 30 million herd animals in the country, Mongolians eat a lot of meat and milk products. Fruit and vegetables are harder to come by. Nothing grows in the long winter, so most of the year, only vegetables like potatoes, onions and turnips, which store well, are available. (Note: many of the "Mongolian" recipes in cook books are from inner [...]

Average temperature by seasons and aimags

Average temperature by seasons and aimags

Aside by having four seasons Mongolia has an extreme continental climate, meaning that it is so far in land that no sea moderates its climate. With over 260 sunny days a year, Mongolia is justifiably known as the "Land of Blue Sky". Mongolia is high, cold, and dry. It has an extreme continental climate with long, cold winters and short [...]

Meat of domestic animals

Mongolian people prepare the meat for the whole year's usage in the last month of autumn or first month of winter. If the family consists of 3-4 members, for example, they slaughter 1-2 cattle or one bullock and one horse and 4-5 sheep or goats. Because of horse meat is considered to be fat, it is mostly eaten in winter or spring. It is bfated in [...]


There are a number of massage parlors around UB most of which are all above board with no funny business. UB Massage is on Seoul Street and offers a relatively good service. A full body massage for 1 hour costs 15,000 Tugrug and is a worth while indulgence.  Ever goods in the 3rd and 4th micro district is hailed as the best in town with fully [...]

Opticians and Dentists

There’s only one professional Optician in town, namely a Welshman named Richard. He offers a highly professional service and is also involved in some charity projects helping children and the elderly with their glasses and eye tests. There are a number of Mongolian opticians, many of which just set up shop and sell glasses.  There’s also a [...]

Dancing in Mongolia

Mongolian dance began as a ritual performance imitating the movement and manner of deities, mystical creatures and legendary heroes. Shamanist perception of the surrounding world and worshipping of Mother Nature influenced the style of ancient dancing, as well as the shape and pattern of clothing and accessories. The great variety of folk dancing [...]

The State Philharmonic

The State Philharmonic was established on June 5, 1957. It was one of the most important events in the spiritual life of the Mongols. Over 40 years the Philharmonic has played many works by famous western, as well as Mongolian composers. Its proudest monument was the playing of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, conducted by Ts.Namsraijav in 1980, which [...]

Do’s and Don’ts in Mongolia

You can visit the family anytime during ordinary days because Mongolian people are always hospitable and friendly. They offer food; drinks for guests who arrived form far places. House owners of the ‘ger’ would wish you to feel at home. Please remember the following: (more...)

Mongolian traditional attires nowadays

Mongolian traditional attires nowadays

Mongolian youth are shy to wear their traditional attires nowadays. Because of Communist education and anxiety to be called as nationalist our youngsters were ashamed to wear their traditional clothes. The students of the Linguistics and Civilization University named after Mongolian honored professor Choi. Luvsanjav, wear their traditional [...]

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