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Monday March 14th 2011


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Mongolian Court

The Mongolian Judicial Institution one of the three main branches that execute the law in Mongolia. Only Courts execute the judicial power. The Mongolian judiciary system consists of the Supreme Court, Aimags' and Capital Courts, Soums' and Inter-soums' Courts and District's Courts. It is lawful to form a special court for criminal and civil cases [...]

Fashion Shows

Fashion Shows

There are a number of fashion shows that take place in Ulaanbaatar throughout the year. The biggest and most well know is Goyol which takes place in December over a whole weekend at the Cultural Palace. It showcases the best of Mongolian and international designers and models and normally sets the trend for the coming year’s look. Tickets for [...]

Mongolian Huushuur Recipe

With 30 million herd animals in the country, Mongolians eat a lot of meat and milk products. Fruit and vegetables are harder to come by. Nothing grows in the long winter, so most of the year, only vegetables like potatoes, onions and turnips, which store well, are available. (Note: many of the "Mongolian" recipes in cook books are from inner [...]

Theatre of Opera and Ballet

Mongolian State Academic theatre of opera and ballet is the theatre which serve with both classical and national operas, ballets, and orchestral productions. We have collection of over 100 world classical and national operas and ballets.  We are proud that we have many best classical and national including “Ewgenii Onegin”, “Lolanta’ by [...]

Mongolian-English Dictionary

Price - $69.99 (Single User) The Mongolian-English Dictionary from Lingua Mongolia is the first piece of commercial dictionary software for Uighur-script and Cyrillic Mongolian in the world. The culmination of over four years of work, it has been designed to work on all Windows-based operating systems without the need to change System Locales [...]

Average temperature by seasons and aimags

Average temperature by seasons and aimags

Aside by having four seasons Mongolia has an extreme continental climate, meaning that it is so far in land that no sea moderates its climate. With over 260 sunny days a year, Mongolia is justifiably known as the "Land of Blue Sky". Mongolia is high, cold, and dry. It has an extreme continental climate with long, cold winters and short [...]

Dalai Eej Tour camp

Within Mongolia, the region is well-known for its natural beauty, and Lake Khövsgöl is one of the countries major tourist attractions. The largest forest areas of Mongolia are located around and to the north of the lake, extending the south-siberian Taiga. “Dalai eej – Mother sea” tourist camp is located over 828 km from [...]



Buddhism was introduced to Mongolia from Tibet by Kubilai Khan during the late 13th century. Kublai Khan invited an eminent Tibetan lama, Pagba, to be empire's religious representative. From the late 14th century onwards hundreds of Buddhist temples were rapidly built across Mongolia. Thousands of Mongolian males vowed to live as lamas at one [...]


Mongolian religious roots are bound up in Shamanism. However this religious phenomena doesn't match the conventional description of a religion in the same way as Buddhism or Christianity. Shamanism has no founder from whom its teachings originate. There is no collection of sacred sutras or a bible, as it doesn't possess any monastic communities to [...]

Cashmere Processing

In Mongolia, herders hand comb goats in the spring, when the goats begin to naturally shed their cashmere undercoat. For first combing, cashmere is usually only harvested from the neck and belly of the goat, leaving the body covered for warmth. The herder will comb the same goats again as the weather warms, continuing to collect cashmere as the [...]

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