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Sunday March 13th 2011


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Cashmere choosing advice

Cashmere garments and home textile furnishings are long term investments. Besides being soft, warm, light and beautiful, cashmere garments don't wrinkle and are easily wearable. Whether you travel, go from work directly to social occasions, or lead an active lifestyle, your cashmere garments will always look good and keep you comfortable without [...]

Cashmere Processing

In Mongolia, herders hand comb goats in the spring, when the goats begin to naturally shed their cashmere undercoat. For first combing, cashmere is usually only harvested from the neck and belly of the goat, leaving the body covered for warmth. The herder will comb the same goats again as the weather warms, continuing to collect cashmere as the [...]


Shilmel Zagvar Golomt town. Enkhtaivan Ave. 32-A Ulaanbaatar-24 331612 331611 Fashion show, museum, bountique, saloon, shop "Soyolmaa" Bountique Sulhbaatar district, Jamiyagyn street 10.00-20.00 331165 99792880 [email protected] (more...)

Annual Average Prices of Main Goods

Goods 2009 2003 2004 2005 Flour, grade 1, kg 850 331 455 417 Rice, kg 1000 453 595 707 Mutton, kg 2300 1 352 1 596 2 124 Beef , kg 3300 1 435 1 724 2 348 Milk, l 1300 482 468 488 Kefir, litre 503 514 518 557 Butter, kg 3 705 3 793 3 796 3 857 Condensed milk, kg 3 [...]

Mercury Mart Food Store

Mercury Mart is an indoor food market, situated behind the Brauhaus just off Seoul street. This is the best place to go for cheap fruit and vegetables. At the entrance of the market, there’s a well stocked beer and spirits shop selling everything and anything you could be looking for. They sell a wide variety of quality fruit and veg from [...]

Book Store

Depending on which language and type of book you want, there are several options for shopping. There are several book stores that offer English, Russian and German books. Mongolia-English and other language dictionaries can be found at most book stores in Mongolia, but more popular modern novels are only available at specialty book stores. Xanadu [...]

Cashmere Consumer Fraud Protection

Does your “cashmere” sweater have cashmere in it? You may be surprised to learn that an increasing percentage of garments sold as “cashmere” contain far less of the precious fiber than is asserted on the label. Unscrupulous companies sell sheep’s wool and synthetic blends labeled as pure cashmere to increase their profits at the expense [...]

Shopping in Ulaanbaatar

Shopping in Ulaanbaatar

There are plenty of great places for shopping in Ulaanbaatar. For tourists seeking souvenirs there are many places that sell traditional Mongolian and Kazakh handicrafts and souvenirs. A popular destination for shoppers is the Narantuul market, also called the “Black Market”. This huge open-air market has vendors of all types and usually the [...]

Food markets

Food markets

There are plenty of food markets with fresh produce and other goods. Many smaller shops in Mongolia still don't have a supermarket style experience and you are forced to point and ask for goods from the shopkeeper. However many larger stores are and have western goods also. There are plenty of food markets with fresh produce and other goods. The [...]