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Sunday March 20th 2011


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Direct flights to link Mongolia and Russia in Baikal-Khovsgol lakes region

{mosimage}Russia and Mongolia have agreed to establish tourist flights between the two countries in the Lake Baikal region. Following meetings earlier in the week, G.Yondongombo from the Ministry of Road, Transport and Tourism of Mongolia said an agreement had been reached with Russian tourism officials. (more...)

Concern voiced for future of endangered Mongolian deer

{mosimage}Conservation advocates have expressed concern for the future of Mongolia’s saiga deer. The saiga worldwide population numbered one million some twenty years ago. Today, however, experts say only some 50,000 have survived due to over hunting and the elimination of their traditional breeding and migration routes. (more...)

Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park to be targeted for study of animals, parasites

{mosimage}An American university will join forces with Mongolian universities to study the diverse biology found in Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park in southern Mongolia. (more...)

Gobi – One of World’s Top Destinations

Mongolia’s Gobi Desert has been named as one of the world’s top six environmental destinations for 2008 and beyond by the National Geographic Adventure Magazine. “As you would expect of one of the world’s most sparsely populated countries, Mongolia’s trekking is phenomenal, through vacant stretches of desert, steppe, and high [...]

Mongolia opens first North American tourism office

{mosimage}The Mongolia National Tourism Organization (MNTO) opened its first tourist office in the United States on Tuesday. The office will provide the North American tourism industry with information and assistance in sending tourists to Mongolia. In conjunction with this work, MNTO has also joined the American Tourism Society and the Adventure [...]

South Korea braces for dust from Gobi Desert

{mosimage}On Sunday, South Korea’s national weather service issued a yellow dust advisory for Seoul and the western country. South Koreans were advised to stay in their homes if possible to avoid breathing dust from Mongolia’s Gobi Dessert. (more...)

The number of tourists to be reached 440 thousand

{mosimage}Mongolia is aiming that the number of tourists will be reached 440 thousand in 2008, a deputy of the Tourism of the Ministry of Road, Transportation and Tourism E.Battulga talked. He said, 386 tourists came in Mongolia in the first ten months of 2007, which increased by 56 thousand or 14.6%, compared with the same period of the previous [...]

Financial losses puts at risk Chinese program of reintroducing Przewalski’s horses

{mosimage}Both Mongolia and China have been involved in reintroducing the nearly extinct Przewalski's horses into the wild. However, Mongolia has taken the tact of quickly releasing horses obtained through breeding programs worldwide. China has taken a different path by continuing to keep the Przewalski's herds in captivity and slowly [...]

Lake Khovsgol on the Scaffold

{mosimage}Ts. Baldorj, Chairman of the Mongol News Media Group, is considered a forefather of Mongolia’s independent media, died of illness. Mongolian high-profile public officials, journalists, writers, poets, and ordinary people have expressed their condolences to the group. (more...)

The Huns Tombs Reveal New Findings

{mosimage}“The Findings of The Huns”, a work of archaeological research and analysis has recently received the certification of the best works from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The findings were on exhibition under the theme of the joint work of science and production. (more...)

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