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Thursday March 17th 2011


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Mongolian Lakes

Mongolian Lakes

Lakes are one of the important geographical elements of Mongolia. The mineral and chemical mixture of Mongolia's lakes mainly depend on geological formation of surface and underground water and physical and geographical conditions of drainage areas. The mineral and the chemical compound of lakes are deĀ­termined by the lakes and salt [...]

Blue Pearl tourist camp

Blue Pearl tourist camp

Our tourist camp has a capacity to receive in one shift 120 persons for service. There are available 25 dwelling felt gers with 3-4 beds equipped completely with furniture, decorated with the traditional national ornaments. A comfortable hotel with 8 rooms. There is a restaurant to serve 100 persons per shift. Price: Standard SingleĀ  $100.00 [...]

Rivers and Water

The rivers of Mongolia belong to the inland catchment basins of the Arctic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and Central Asia Inland Basin. The higher and middle Selenge, the biggest river in the country and part of the Yenissei river belongs to the Arctic Ocean drainage basin. In the northern and western mountainous parts of Mongolia, the water network [...]

Huvsgul aimag

Huvsgul aimag

Khuvsgul province is located in Huvsgul region of Hangai-Hentii region. This province borders with Russia on the north, Zavhan, Bulgan and Arhangai province on the west, east and south. The Peak of Delgerhaan Mountain lies 3490m above sea level. Overall area of the province is mountainous and is 1500 to 3000m above sea level. Area: [...]

Mongol Dalai

{mosimage}With 14 Mongolian yurts and 2 luxury buildings. The accommodation ability of the camp is 50 guests at the same time. Restaurant /can hold 50 guests eating together/. It is impossible to imagine Mongolia without the uniquely magnificent and pristine land of Khuvsgul, or Lake Khuvsgul. (more...)


{mosimage}The camp consists of an ensemble of 25 Mongolian gers/ 2-3 persons per ger/, and a Siberian style mansion with 2 story restaurant with balcony. Hot showers, WC and sauna, are located in the same building. Electricity is provided including gers. (more...)

khuvsgul sor

{mosimage}-Gers with of 40 persons. -Restaurant and bar with capacity to serve 50 persons at one time. -Hot and cold shower. -Comfortable toilets and laundry (more...)

Jargal Jiguur

{mosimage}Total of 20 gers with 50 beds. Dining ger restaurant, with a capacity to host 40 guests. A bar, with capacity to host 30 guests. Outdoor and indoor natural hot spa pool (separated man and women). (more...)


{mosimage}The capacity of the camp can be served for 60 guests in comfortable and fully equipped gers, 24 guests in a wooden hotel. The service complex includes comfortable restaurant for 60 persons, shower, sauna, toilets, electricity resource is from generator and solar system. Horse and Yak riding, European and Asian foods. (more...)