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Regions of Mongolia

Mongolia is not a conventional holiday destination. Beautiful, bewildering and at times even frustrating, it offers travelers a vast, unspoiled landscape and an ancient and authentic culture. From the open steppe to the Gobi desert and the sophisticated capital Ulaanbaatar, there is much to see in this country. Mongolian territory can be divided [...]

Geography of Mongolia

Geography of Mongolia

Mongolia is a huge, landlocked country in-between China and Russia, it covers an entire area of 1.566.500 km. It takes the 15th place with its size in the world. Mongolia stretches 2.400 km from the west to the east and about 1.260 km from the north to the south. The total length of the country's border is 8.156 km. Apart from the period of [...]

Special Protected Areas of Mongolia

Special Protected Areas of Mongolia

Protecting precious landscapes and historical monuments has enormous importance because they contribute to the ecological balance of Mongolia, support important ecological processes and provide a homeland for numerous threatened and endangered animal and plant species that represent different ecosystems. It also helps us to preserve our rich [...]

Top Destinations

Top Destinations

The attraction and activities for tourists in Mongolia relate to the natural environment, historic features and cultural heritage. Also Mongolians have been nomad pastoralists since ancient times. Mongolia is one of the few countries with a unique and reasonably untouched natural environment, thanks to an environmentally protective culture and [...]

National Parks

National Parks

Gorkhi Terelj It is an exhibition of the steppe regions of the southwestern part of Khentee mountain range. Gobi Gurvan Saikhan Locating in the west of the city Dalanzadgad, it encompasses the series of ridges and valleys... Altai Tavan Bogd It has amazing beauty embodies the special characteristics of high mountains, icy crystal [...]


{mosimage}Area: 76.100km2 Population: 87900 Density: 1.16 Province center: Hovd town (1487km from Ulaanbaatar city) (more...)


Area:            69600km2 Population:        80600 (as of 2005)    Density:        1.16 Province center:    Ulaangom town (1417km from Ulaanbaatar city) (more...)


Area:            123600km2 Population:        73400    Density:        0.59 Province center:    Choibalsan town (661km from Ulaanbaatar city) (more...)


Area:            116.000km2 Population:        83600 Density:        0.72 Province center:    Byanhongor town (639km from Ulaanbaatar city) (more...)


Area:            165.400km2 Population:        46100 Density:        0.28 Province center:    Dalanzadgad town (575km from Ulaanbaatar city) (more...)

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