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Monday March 14th 2011


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Dalai Eej Tour camp

Within Mongolia, the region is well-known for its natural beauty, and Lake Khövsgöl is one of the countries major tourist attractions. The largest forest areas of Mongolia are located around and to the north of the lake, extending the south-siberian Taiga. “Dalai eej – Mother sea” tourist camp is located over 828 km from [...]

Chinggis Worldwide Camp

Chinggis Worldwide Camp

Tourist camp "Chinggis Worldwide" is situated in the picturesque steppe. There's a museum with leftovers from ancient civilization. The "Chinggis Worldwide" tourist camp has horse hire point. There's a possibility of learning to ride the horse with all necessary elements and all types of equipment hire. Tourists are to be learned and trained by [...]

Classic Tour with Naadam festival

The nature beauty is awesome here and is a great place for hiking, horse riding and relaxing. Days and Activities: Arrival Opening ceremony of Naadam. After lunch drive to the horse racing place. After breakfast drive to archery place. Drive to Tuv province to see “Horsemen” show. We can see the wonderfull skills of mongolian [...]

Mountain Biking Tour

Mountain Biking Tour

Adventure tourism and Mongolia are a perfect match. Because of its large open spaces, little development and amazing natural beauty Mongolia is a premiere destination for adventure tourists the world around. From hiking, fishing, horseback riding, off-roading and river rafting, the adventure tourist can find whatever he or she wants [...]

Transmongolia Jeep Expedition Tour

Day hikes give us the opportunity to reach beyond the vehicle tracks to capture summits or little used trails. At night we stay in comfortable ger (the Mongolian felt tent) camps or guesthouses. Full description & Itinerary August 15: Arrive in Ulan Bator and sightseeing in UB: Russian Friendship Monument, Gandan Monastery and Giant [...]

South Gobi-Kharkhorin Tour

You will have privilege of spending time in Mongolia Full description & Itinerary Day1.Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to hotel. City sightseeing including Gandan Buddhist Monastery and Natural History of Museum. Overnight in hotel. Day2. Drive towards Manzushir Monastery Museum. Drive to Baga Gazriin Chuluu, granite belt in the Gobi [...]

Highlights of Mongolia’s Heartland Tour

A bus journey will bring us to the start of our biking adventure in Karakorum, ancient capital of Chingghis Khan and biggest monastery in Mongolia. From there we will cycle through the undulating steppes, pass extinct volcanoes and the deep gorge of the Chulut River, explore a hidden monastery, stay at hot springs to rest our limps and visit [...]

Khorgo National Park Tour

Arkhangai is a volcanic region with numerous faults and gorges, some of which, in the Orkhon valley for exampel, are 10 to 20 metres deep. Approximately 180 kilometres north-west of Tsetserleg8 in Tariat sum, is a magnifficent region of extinct volcanoes. The highest, the Khorgiin Togoo. The lake Terkhiin Tsagaan : In the middle of lake Terkhiin [...]

Khuisyn Naiman Lakes

Khuisyn Naiman Lakes

The area covers 11,500 hectares around the lake located in the Uyanga soum territory of Ovorkhangai aimag to the southwest of the Khangai mountain range and its surrounding area. It was placed under state special protection, and was included in the category "Cultural and Historical Sites". Khuisyn Naiman Nuur PA with its exceptional configuration [...]

Guided Tour to Karakorum, Ancient Mongolian Capital

Guided Tour to Karakorum, Ancient Mongolian Capital

Ancient capital city of the Mongolia , was established 1220 and was the capital of largest Chinggis Khan Empire (13th century) world had ever known. Visit Erdene Zuu monastery, which is the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia . It was built at the initiative of the most influential Khalkha Lord Abtai Khan, in 1586 on the spot where was [...]

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