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Sunday March 13th 2011


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Mongolian tale: “Why The Bats Lives in The Dark”

Mongolian tale: “Why The Bats Lives in The Dark”

Once, a long time ago, a terrible battle broke out between the Birds and the Beasts of this Earth. No one remembers any more what caused this battle to start, but the fighting was so furious that the whole earth shook and the land was covered with broken feathers, bloody hair, and the bodies of fallen creatures. On one side of the battle swarmed [...]

Folk Tales

The folklore of any people is a part of its history. It is also a treasury of the language of the people, because, while folklore often echoes literary influences and distant cultural factors, carried along as stories travel for thousands of miles, from one nation to another, (more...)

Erkhii Mergen

Once upon a time, there rose seven suns in this universe, and it, was exposed to a burning drought. The earth was heated fiercely, the streams and rivers evaporated, the plants and trees were parched. People and living beings suffered from intolerable heat, and horses and animals were tormented by painful thirst. (more...)

The Swallow and The Wasp

A long time ago, Khan Garid, King of the Feathered World, sent for a Swallow and a Wasp. After they had bowed before him, the Khan said: "I command the two of you to fly around the world tomorrow and seek out the animal with the tastiest meat. I will eat only that animal in the future. (more...)

Why The Camel Rolls in The Ashes

A great many years ago, the Buddha began assigning an animal to each of the years of the twelve-year Mongolian calendar. When he had finished assigning eleven animals, the Buddha paused to consider which animal should be alloted the twelfth and final year. (more...)

The Fox and The Lion

Long, long ago, a lion and a fox were living together, hunting wild animals. The lion always used to carry the game they caught. One day, however, they caught a deer, and the lion said to the fox, "You carry it" "I can carry it if you wish," the fox replied. (more...)

Seven Mice

Once upon a time there lived seven brother mice. They owned as much land as the palm of a hand. One day, when a handful of snow fell on the ground, the seven brothers were clearing it away they found some butter as big as an ankle-bone. (more...)

Four Friendly Animals

Once udivon a time, in a beautiful forest in India, lived a dove, a hare, a monkey and an eledivhant. One day, after discussing a matter carefully, they agreed: (more...)

Arslandai Mergen Khan

A long time ago there was a khan, called Arslandai Mergen. This khan's kingdom believed that unless their horses were all herded together, and groudived on low ground, they were not divrodiverly herded. (more...)

The Old Man and The Lion

A long time ago there lived an old man and an old woman. One morning the old man got udiv early and when he went outside, he saw a hungry lion adivdivroaching his home. (more...)

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