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Tuesday April 12th 2011


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Genghis as a Great Khan

The most iconic of all Mongolians, grand khan  Genghis (or Chinggis in Mongolian) was the great Mongolian leader and warrior. Born in 1162, Genghis, through sheer will, united the diverse Mongol tribes and established the Great Mongol State. His empire was one of the largest the world had ever seen. His political leadership was forward-thinking [...]

Economy and Military Tactics of Mongol Empire

The priority in economics for Genghis Khan was animal husbandry, the way of life for steppe nomads. In his teaching, he emphasized the balance between livestock and pasture. Obviously, he prioritized horses and he provided advice on how to take care of the army’s horses. He established a general and united taxation system. In the Secret History [...]

Unification of Neighboring Tribes

Conquest over the Merkid In 1185, a group of bandits from the Merkid tribe abducted Temujin’s wife Borte from their ger. Temujin was able to flee into the countryside. Temujin enlisted the help of Ong Khan, whom he had previously formed a strategic alliance with. Together with his friend Jamuka and an army they launched a raid on the Merkid [...]

Warfare and Weapons

Before waging war, Genghis Khan closely studied the power and size of the army, its arms and weapons, people’s attitude and moral of the target state, pastureland and weather on the way to reach the destination. He also was a spiritual man and believed that he needed to meditate on Burkhan Khaldun mountain before engaging in war. For example, [...]

The End of Genghis Khan

During his last campaign with the Tangut Empire during which Genghis Khan was fighting with the Khwarezmid Empire , Genghis Khan died on August 18, 1227. The reason for his death is uncertain. Many assume he fell off his horse, due to old age and physical fatigue; some contemporary observers cited prophecies from his opponents. The [...]

Battle Tactics Methods of Genghis Khan

Many different types of tactics were used by Genghis in warfare: -  Lake bait tactic. This tactic was used when he defeated Ong Khaan of Khereid . The main idea of this tactic was to weaken the enemy force by alluring them to be divided into many fragments and exhausting each small division. Like many streams and creeks becoming a lake, this [...]

Scholars and Scientists of Genghis Khan’s Time

Genghis Khan valued the eminent scholars of his time and paid close attention to their words and teachings while at the same time trying to implement their advice. Genghis also consulted with scholars and scientists about the issues of attracting the favor of the people, governing the state, and relating with civilians. “In Genghis’ time, [...]

Early Campaigns of Genghis Khan

Temujin organized his people and his state to prepare for war. He also knew that the Jin Dynasty had a young ruler who would not come to the aid of Tanguts of Xi Xia. After the defeat of the Kara-Khitais, the extensive Mongol Empire had a border with the Muslim state of Khwarezmia, governed by Shah Ala ad-Din Muhammad. These campaigns were the [...]

Childhood of Temujin

Temujin was born in 1162 in Deluun Boldog near to the Onon River (Deluun Hill) in the territory of Khentii province (aimag) as the son of  Hoelun and Esukhei Baatar.  When Temujin was 9 years old, Esukhei Baatar was poisoned by the Tatars on his way back home after betrothing Temujin with Burte, a daughter of Dai-Setsen of the Hongirad tribe. [...]

Era of Genghis Khan

Temuujin, the first-born son of Yesukhei and Oulun, was born in 1162 at a place named Deluun Boldog, located on the upper reaches of the Onon river. The largest Mongolian tribes at that time were the Khamag (Whole) Mongols, The Khereid, Merged, Naiman, Tatars and others. The basic wealth of the Mongolian cattle-raising tribes consisted of sheep, [...]

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