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Ulaanbaatar Symbol and Population

The legendary bird – Geruda has been chosen as the emblem of the Mongolian capital. According to Mongolian beliefs, the Geruda symbolizes courage and honesty. On the forehead of the Geruda are the Soyombo symbols, which are also found on the national flag of Mongolia. The Geruda bird is depicted holding in its right hand a key, which symbolizes prosperity and openness, and on the left lotus flower, which is a symbol of equality and purity. It is depicted holding in its feet a snake, which means that everything evil and bad will not be tolerated. Ulan bator now also has its own banner, which is sky blue in colour and in the centre of the flag is depicted the Geruda bird.

The city’s flag colored the blue of the sky. The symbol of the city depicted by white silk and bordered by golden thread on the blue flag. It means city residents respect their polity and bloom in their life. The flag’s weight, long is 1:1.5. The migration stream to Ulan bator city has not slowed down. The population has been increasing year by year in Ulan bator. In 2005, it is estimated that there were 205.4 people per square kilometer in Ulan bator. The population increased by 14.0 percent in 2002 and by 4.0 percent in 2004.

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