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Tour to Gobi

That’s the Gobi Desert of Mongolia!

Full description & Itinerary

Day one: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar

Day two: Today, explore Ulaan Baatar with your guide. Locally known as “UB,” Ulaan Baatar (pop. 819,400) was, for centuries, a mobile “tent city” that followed the Royal Court around the country. Its oldest buildings date from the 17th century, when the city finally settled by the Tuul River.

Day three: After visiting Gandan Hiid (monastery), the largest Buddhist Temple in Mongolia drive to Kharhorin, the ancient capitol of the Mongolian Empire, located 400km (6-8 hours with breaks) southeast of UB.

Day four:
After breakfast observe the Erdenezuu then drive into the Gobi Desert. Stops along the way for lunch and breaks.
Visit and explore the ruins

Day five: Drive to Khongoryn Els or “singing dunes” with the wind howling through the sand (2600 feet high, 20 km wide and 100 km long) for spectacular views of the desert.

Day six: Visit Flaming Cliffs where an American expedition headed by Roy Andrew Chapman first discovered the fossil site and the first ever recorded dinosaur eggs in 1922.

Day seven: Visit Yolin Am and park museum. This 40 km long canyon in the Gurvansaikhan Mountains is home
to the endangered snow leopards and has a place where ice remains into August. Picnic lunch.

Day eight: Fly back to UB. Start the day with at Zaisan Memorial, a prominent landmark looking over the city of UB.

Day nine: Guide will transfer you to the airport for your departure flight home.

Maximum price :
Minimum price :
Groupsize : 10

Tour season / Departure dates : Jun – Sep
Duration : 9 days

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