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Temple Tourist Camp

Temple Camp
“Temple” tourist camp is located in the place named Ar Bulagtai which belongs to the area of Erdene sum, Tuv province. It is 56 km drive on the paved road and 9 km on dusty road from the center of UB to the east. To reach the camp you can travel by every means of the transportation. The camp is located just 8 km far from “Chinggis Khaan” statue complex is executed by “Jenco Tour Bureau” share holding company.

Temple camp
The camp is able to receive and accommodate to travelers at the same time in 15 differently colored gers which are fully equipped with national furniture. The restaurant of two storeys has a temple like interior design with the capacity of serving to 100 travelers. In the camp, ancient monk’s ger museum with “Sarkhinag” smoke hole, archery field, the sunshades and a creation of the Buddha made of stones on the southern slope of the mountain and a fountain gushing out Lotus flower and firework ground with a luxury trivet /150×120/ in front of the main temple. In “Temple” tourist camp, you can enjoy “The pride of Mongolia” event consists of main 4 sections as “Horse festival”, “Tsam” traditional religious mask dance, “Unique” antique exhibition and, shaman performance and firework festival. /The term can be changed as visitors’ wish/

Service on reservation

  • Arrange meetings, workshops and the other ceremonial events
  • National meal-khorkhog (barbeque), boodog (roasted meat), shorlog (hotpot)
  • Dairy products (mare’s fermented milk or airag, butter, yogurt, curds and Mongolian vodka)
  • National art performance
  • Mini Naadam festival including the three men’s game: archery, wrestling, horse racing and the ankle bone shooting as well
  • Firework
  • Sport events
  • Shaman performance
  • “Tsam” traditional religious mask dance
  • Archery
  • Horse and Yak riding
  • National bolted games

Main facilities

  • Karaoke, Billiard, Sports field, Firework ground
  • National games
  • An ancient monk’s ger museum with “sarkhinag” smoke hole
  • Souvenir shop
  • Shower, Laundry, Sauna, WC

Temple Camp

Address: Building 24, VI khoroo, Baga toirog, sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia
Post Box: 1114, UB 210646
Phone/fax: 976-11-314889
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]
Website: www.khaliuntravel.com
Mobile: 976-11-99117488, 91919258

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