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South Gobi-Kharkhorin Tour

You will have privilege of spending time in Mongolia

Full description & Itinerary

Day1.Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to hotel. City sightseeing including Gandan Buddhist Monastery and Natural History of Museum. Overnight in hotel.

Day2. Drive towards Manzushir Monastery Museum. Drive to Baga Gazriin Chuluu, granite belt in the Gobi steppe. Visit to the Buddhist Monastery ‘Sum Khukh Burd’. Overnight in tent.

Day3. Vulture’s Gorge-guided hiking into the frozen stream. Trip to the’Oasis’ and the majestic dunes of Khongoriin Els. Horse and Camel riding are available. Overnight in tourist camp.

Day4. Drive towards Bayanzag-Flamming Red Cliffs. Exploring in the paleontological sites. Overnight in tourist camp.

Day5. Drive towards Erdenezuu

Day6. Drive towards Kharakhorum city ruins and Erdenezuu Monastery. Overnight in the tourist camp.

Day7. Hiking in the Hogno Khan Mountains and in the small sand dunes of Elsen Tasarkhai. Horse riding is available. Overnight in tourist camp.

Day8. Drive to Hustai Nuruu National Reserve. Overnight in the tourist camp.

Day9. Set off for Ulaanbaatar. Shopping. Cultural performance. Overnight in hotel.

Day10. Air transfer.

Maximum price :
Minimum price :
Groupsize : 15

Tour season / Departure dates : During Summer
Duration : 10 days

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