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Traces of people in Mongolia’s territory

The evidence that is used to trace human civilization in Central Asia and ancient Mongolian regions is widely spread over modern Mongolia’s territory, especially in the southern and Gobi regions. During archaeological expeditions carried out in the early 20th century the famous Russian scholar P. K. Kozlov wondered whether any other country in the world contained as many preserved historical monuments both above and underground as Mongolia did.

Traces of peoples from the distant past including their campsites, tools, equipment, and stone carvings can be found in many places in Mongolia, namely Bayanlig soum’s Tsagaan Agui (Bayankhongor aimag), Bord soum’s Ikh Gazar, Solongo, Arts Bogd Uul (Uvurkhangai aimag), Khanbogd soum’s Otson Maant (Umnugovi aimag), Gurvansaikhan soum’s Yarkh Uul (Dundgovi aimag), Ongon soum’s Ongon Els, Burdiin Ereg (Sukhbaatar aimag), Bulgan soum’s Norovlin Uul (Dornod aimag) etc.

Parts of Mongolia could almost be called natural history museums. In the Khoid Tsenkheriin Agui (cave) in Khovd aimag, Mankhan soum, there are cave paintings of primitive people dating back 40 thousand years. There are petroglyphs depicting elephants, zebra and ostrich species now extinct, and parallel with them are proto camels, horses, and goats bred by modern Mongols.

Archaeological findings confirm that the primitive people residing on the territory of modern Mongolia made not only various work tools and equipment but also used decorations and other domestic goods. The so-called “Chandmani Culture” collection, found during the 1972 archaeological excavations in the Chandman mountains around Ulaangom town in the Uvs aimag, is proof of this. The collection includes bronze monuments, knives, fastening clasps and other artifacts. Scientifically, archeological findings prove that the earliest man came into being on the territory of Mongolia as early as 700 thousand years ago.

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