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Newspapers and Magazines

Mongolian newspapers have made significant investments in modern press facilities and equipment in resent years. Now there are 17 newspapers and magazines, which have their own printing houses and press. Most national dailies operate computerized typesetting and editing systems. Among the daily newspapers “Zuunii medee” (“Century news”), “Unuudur” (“Today”), “Udriin sonin” (“Daily news”) and “Unen” (“Truth”) lead by the number of subscribers. The annual circulation of 5 daily newspapers represents more than 47 per cent of newspaper sales on the Mongolian media market.

A majority of the population are receiving useful information for their lives from newspapers. Approximately 60 per cent of people rely on newspapers for useful information, 30 per cent receive necessary information from radio, and 20 per cent watch TV as the source of useful information. The Internet plays an increasingly vital role in the distribution and dissemination of information. 33 newspapers have their own web sites, and almost 8 online newspapers (without print equivalent) are being published.

English Newspapers:
Mongol Messenger
Mongolia this week
The Ub Post
Nomadic IISNC
Mongol Times
Bussiness Times

Russian Newspapers:
Novosti Mongolii
Mongoliya Segodnya
Mongolyn medee
Brilliant news
Oyuny elch

Chinese: Uranshuvuu
Japanese: Nippon News
Kazakh: JanaUmir

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