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Milk Products

Aaruul – Dried curds are made from yoghurt whose liquid part is squeezed out and pressed to make a solid shape. After that, the solid is cut into small, big, thick or thin squares or clutched with hands to make various shapes. Finally, they are put on a wooden plate in the sun to get dried. Also, the solid can be put in a big ladle with small holes at the bottom and pressed to make another type of curd, which is called horhoi aaruul or worm curds /literally/. Sugar can be mixed in the yoghurt to make sweet curds. Greasy, dried curds never get rotten.
Yoghurt, usually made from cow or goat milk, made by heating /37-45°C/ and squeezing it or adding yoghurt /I-3%/ as yeast and thoroughly ladling up after which stored in a warm place at least one and a half hour. When the yoghurt is formed the milk acid germs not only kills all the rotting and other germs but also enriches the yoghurt with vitamins and makes it sour and tasty. In the folk medicine, yoghurt is used to remedy stomach, liver and gull bladder problems and for various food poisoning. It contains 1.2% fat, 3.4% protain and 3.3% sugar.

Milk vodka is made by distilling animal milk. There are two different ways to distill: closed and open. The first way is mainly used in the central and western part of Mongolia, while the latter is spread in the eastern and gobi regions.

Shar tos is secreted by fating cream or churning airag. Then it is stored in a container made from dried stomach / that is blown up / of an animal. It is used frying pancake or other pastries, in tea, or with roasted grain.
Tsagaan tos is a kind of butter that is remnant of cream after the pure butter is separated and is usually mixed with small pebbles of curds. It is mainly made in winter and consumed in winter or spring. It contains 44-58% of fat, 20-30% of protein, 15-19% carbohydrate and 2-3% minerals.

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