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Chronology of Mongolian History

When writing Mongolian history, there are a number of points from which one could conceivably start. One could choose to track the intricacies of Inner Asian tribal structure, and proceed to give an exposition of the demographic, economic and political conditions that constituted the outer circumstances around the emergence of the Mongols. This has been done many times over, and the scientifically treated facts about the Mongols are reasonably well-known.
But as for the chronology of Mongolian history we are introducing the periods by centuries:
* Ancient Mongolia
* VII-VIII Centuries
* XI-XII Centuries
* Genghis Khan Era
* XIII-XIV Centuries
* XIV-XV Centuries
* XV-XVI Centuries
* XVI-XVII Centuries
* XVII-XVIII Centuries
* XVIII-XIX Centuries
* XIX-XX Centuries
* XX-XXI Centuries
* XXI-Until now

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