Adventure tour in mountain

Adventure tour in mountain

We shall visit Zaan Terelj, Asralt Khairkhan (top of mountain Khentii),
Khagiin khar nuur (more beautiful lake Khentii), Gunjiin Sum (an
ancient temple).

Full description & Itinerary

From June till September, we shall offer you horse walks in mountain circuit Khentii. Term of round of 9 days, among which 7.
Day by day :
1: Arrival at Ulaanbaatar (Transport from airport or railway station to
the hotel. Lunch, City tour, if tourists are interested it is available
to see UB night life, go to night clubs, stay in hotel 3 star).
Day 2: Drive to Gachuurt village not far from UB, Begin horse trip aside Zaan Terelj. Stay in tent .
Day 3: Continue trip, stay under tent near Mountain Asralt Khairkhan / The highest point of ridge Khentii/.
Day 4: Continue trip to lake Khagiin khar /blue pearl of ridge Khentii/, stay near mountain Tereljiin saridag under tent.
Day 5: Continue trip, Stay under tent on coast of the lake Khagiin khar /blue pearl of ridge Khentii/,.
Day 6: Continue trip to Gunjiin sum (monastery), Stay under tent near mountain Saikhan saridag.
Day 7: Continue trip, Visit the monastery Gunjiin sum /ancient temple from time dynasty Chin/, Stay under tent.
Day 8: Arrival in Terelj protected area. Stay in tourist camp
Day 9: Back to Ulaanbaatar, shopping, concert, museum. Stay in hotel 3*.
Day 10: depart

Maximum price :
Minimum price

Groupsize : 12

Tour season / Departure dates : In June, July, August, September
Duration : 10 days

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