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UB-Kharakhorum-Gobi desert- UB

Along this itinerary, only our company has been organizing tours and
few numbers of foreign tourists came here before. The tour will be
conducted in northern part of Mongolia

Full description & Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Ulaanbaatar and relax in a hotel.

Day 2:
Driving to Ugii Nuur Lake, located in Arkhangai province. Ugii Nuur
Lake has 27 sq.km and it is the biggest lake of central part of
Mongolia. It is abundant with various species of fishes and the area
has unique natural landscapes. You will relax in tourist camp of Ugii
Day 3:
Driving to Kharkhorin for 80 km after having the lunch. During the road
you will enjoy with Khushuu tsaidam area and ruin of ancient Turkish
fortress. You will relax in tourist camp of Ugudei located at shore of
Orkhon River. Here you can go fishing and seeing Erdenezuu Monastery.

Day 4: Seeing Orkhon river waterfall, archeological remains.
Day 5:
Driving to Arvaikheer town, seeing Senjit Rocks,
Day 6: Continuing the travel to Gobi oasis of Bayanzag, visiting gobi herder families and seeing the ancient dinosaurs’ remains.

Day 7:
Travelling to Sand dunes of Khongor. The sand dunes are the longest
sandy formation of Mongolia and it is 800 meters high, 12 kms wide and
about 100 kms long. Here you can see a sand dune, which creates
interesting sounds. Then you will relax at tourist camp of Khongor.
Day 8: Camel
travel from the Khongor sand dunes to Yoliin Am, the high ravine in the
mountain. You will relax and overnight in thousand star hotel.
Day 9: Continuing the travel to Yoliim Am, the Gobi’s most beautiful scenery place. You will relax at tourist camp of Baga Khongor.
Day 10: Flight to Ulaanbaatar from Dalanzadgad town. Relax in a hotel.
Day 11: Visiting
museums, Gandantegchinlen Monastery, shopping Mongolian traditional
souvenirs and seeing traditional folk art performances.
Day 12: Departure from Ulaanbaatar.
Maximum price :
Minimum price

Groupsize : 12

Tour season / Departure dates : Jun – Oct
Duration : 12 days

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