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Special Protected Areas of Mongolia

Protecting precious landscapes and historical monuments has enormous importance because they contribute to the ecological balance of Mongolia, support important ecological processes and provide a homeland for numerous threatened and endangered animal and plant species that represent different ecosystems. It also helps us to preserve our rich natural and cultural heritages and unspoiled habitat for the next generations.

Today, special protected areas of Mongolia encompass 20.5 million hectares covering 48 areas of 124 soums and districts of 19 aimags and the capital, roughly 13.1% of the whole country`s territory. Also, 115 areas (of 15 aimags) encompassing 1.13 million hectares of land are under local protection. According to a scientific survey, about 40% of the area, home for threatened and endangered wildlife and plan species, has been taken under state special protection. With its continental climate, unique and beautiful landscapes, Mongolia has an unequaled opportunity to place 30% of its entire landmass under protection and maintain these areas in a sustainable way.
Establishing an integrated network of special protected areas with various classification and co-ordination is suitable not only for protecting biodiversity, but also for helping to restore natural habitats, developing tourism and increasing the reproduction of rare threatened wildlife and plant species.

According to the Mongolian Law on Special Protected Areas (1994), areas under protection are to be classified under the four following heading:

Special Protected Areas
Great Gobi SPA
Bodgkhan Mountain SPA
Khasagt Khairkhan SPA
Khan Khentii SPA
Nomrog SPA
Mongolian Dagurian SPA
Otgon Tenger SPA
Uvs Lake SPA
Altan Els SPA
Tsagaan Shuvuut SPA
Turgen Mountain SPA
Small Gobi SPA
Khoridog Saridag SPA

National Park
Gobi Gurvan Saikhan NP
Khuvsgul Lake NP
Khorgo-Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake NP
Gorkhi-Terelj NP
Altai Tavan Bogd NP
Khangain Mountain NP
Noyon Khangai NP
Hustain Nuruu NP

Natural Reserve
Nagalkhaan NR
Batkhaan NR
Ugtam Mountain NR
Zagiin Els NR
Alag Khairkhan NR
Khognokhan NR

Uran Togoo Nuur Monument
Sukhentiin Monument

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