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Dundgovi Tourist Camp

Dundgobi tourist camp is located about 250 km-s from Ulaanbaatar the capital city of Mongolia and 25 km-s north east from Erdenedalai sum on vast steppe. (Between 46° 08’ 816’’ longitude and 105° 11’ 013’’ latitude)

Ger 2 Beds $35.00
Ger 3 Beds $35.00
Ger 4 Beds $45.00
Ger 5 Beds $45.00

Area Attractions
Sangyn dalai temple: This temple was built in 19th century in commemoration of Dalai Lama’s first visit to Mongolia.
Baga Gazaryn Chuluu: A sacred rocky mountain of gobi 1768 meters above the sea level is famous for its peculiar formation and beautiful natural environment.
Duut rock inscription: Tsogt Taij /1561 – 1637/ a Chingis Khaan’s relative and highly educated statesman, poet and warrior told a 7 paragraph 28 line verse to his aide Erh Hia, who wrote it down, in august 1621while he was hunting.
Sum Huh Burd: An oasis in the Gobi a small lake, which has an ancient stone fortress on island.

Capacity of the Camp: Total of 25 gers with 80 beds.

  • Restaurant: We also have a European stily restaurant, dining hall, with a capacity to host 50-60 guests from wich delicious variaty of Mongolian and European Asian cuisine can be chosen.
  • Flush toilets: 4 for ladies and 4 for men
  • Showers: 4 for ladies and 4 for men
  • Washing stand: 4 for ladies and 4 for men. We have own a deep well for water supply, which can provide 24 hours hot and cold water.
  • Energy resource: Has own power generator with a capacity of 15V, 24 hours
  • Peak season: The camp operates from May to October.

Address: 4th micro district 60 – 116. Suite 506, Bridge Plaza, Enhtaivnii Avenue, Ulaanbaatar, MN, Ulaabaatar – 21052
Telephone: 976-11-367316, 976-99128783, 976-99179816
Fax: 976-11-463251
Email: [email protected]

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