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Chinggis Khaan’s Native Land Tour

The tour shall start from UB and will cover 530 km of road within 11 days. Shall see Chinggis khaan’s birth place and other spectacular and immense places including ancient Buddhist monasteries

Day One Arrive in Ulaanbaatar
Day Two Breakfast, Trip to “Terelj” resort, Riding tour, Lunch and dinner, Overnight stay in a ger (national dwelling)
Day Three Breakfast, Angling in a mountain stream, Fire festivity (ancient tradition)
Day Four Breakfast, Trip to “Bereeven” Buddhist monastery (Distance 251 km), Lunch break
Day Five Breakfast. Trip to Binder soum (Primary administrative settlement)
Day Six Breakfast in Binder
Day Seven Visiting the monument compound of Chinggis Khaan Start towards Dadal (Distance 110km, including 40 km riding) Overnight in tents in open wilderness (Fishing) Continuation of the trip by floating down by rubber boat for 20 km Overnight in tents in open wilderness

Day Eight Trip to Dadal by jeep (50km), Dadal sightseeing, Visiting of Chinggis Khaan homeland
Day Nine Flight to Ulaanbaatar, Sightseeing in Ulaanbaatar, Museum of History, “Gandan Tegkcinling” Buddhist monastery, “Bogdo Khaan” museum, “Surprise Show” entertainment event

Day Ten Last photos in the city (Main square), Main square, Museum of History. Shopping. Entertainment event, Dinner
Day Eleven Departure

Maximum price :
Minimum price :
Groupsize : 12

Tour season / Departure dates : May – Sep
Duration : 11 days

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