Administration of Ulaanbaatar

Administration of Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar (spelled Ulan bator) is divided into 8 districts. It is governed by a City council (Citizens’ Representative Hural) with 40 members, elected every 4 years. The city council appoints the Mayor. Currently the Citizens’ Representative Khural has 40 members, 9 members of the Presidium, a full time Chairman, and a secretary.

The main objectives of activities of the Capital City Citizens’ Representative Khural are to determine short-term goals of the capital city’s social, economic and urban development, build upon creative initiatives and active participation of citizens and groups in implementation of the goals, ensure favorable conditions and opportunities for human development, develop local self-governance in the capital city, improve governance structure of the capital city and create a legal environment for autonomous and independent work.

Activities of the Capital City Citizens’ Representative Khural and its Presidium for the term of 2004-2008 will be focused on people-centered and socially oriented development and will cover the following issues:

-Law and public administration system: The goal will be to improve the structure, roles and performance of local self-governance and upgrade the quality public services to a new level.
-Economic policy: Economic policy will be aimed at strengthening financial and economic capacities of the capital city and promote different forms of ownership.
-Social sector measures: Social sector measures will be targeted at providing extensive learning opportunities to children and youth and opportunities for employment and household income generating to citizens and improve accessibility, quality and responsiveness of social welfare services.
-Urban planning and environment: Reforms will be carried out in the fields of urban planning, construction and land management and citizens’ participation and control in environment protection will be enhanced.

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